Welcome to the WSE Property Settlement Website

If you rented a property managed by WSE Property Management, you may be eligible for a payment from a class action settlement.

An $800,000 Settlement has been reached with WSE Property Management, LLC (“WSE”) in a class action lawsuit about whether it improperly withheld security deposits, charged more than actual utility usage, charged more than contracted utility amounts, and failed to honor leases with special provisions for month-to-month rentals.

You may be eligible for a payment from the proposed Settlement if you had a rental agreement with WSE and (1) had all or some of your security deposit withheld due to alleged damage or had all or some of your security deposit retained between September 17, 2000 and November 30, 2023 and you did not receive a list of the alleged damage within 30 business days of lease termination; or (2) had a lease stating you would only be charged for your actual sub-metered utility usage, but you were charged for utilities based on an estimate that was greater than your utility usage; or (3) were charged fees associated with the collection of utility payments that were greater than the amount indicated on your contracts; or (4) had a lease with a “Special Provision” stating you would be charged a $200 surcharge in addition to market rent if your lease went month-to-month, but your lease went month-to-month and you were charged more than $200 above your previous monthly rent.

The Settlement will provide payments to those who qualify. You will need to file a Claim Form to receive a payment.

SUBMIT A CLAIM FORM BY OCTOBER 30, 2023 This is the only way to get a payment from this Settlement. If you submit a Claim Form, you will give up the right to sue the Defendant in a separate lawsuit about the claims this Settlement resolves.
EXCLUDE YOURSELF BY OCTOBER 30, 2023 This is the only option that allows you to sue, continue to sue, or be part of another lawsuit against the Defendant related to the legal claims this Settlement resolves. If you exclude yourself, you will no longer be eligible to receive a payment from this Settlement.
OBJECT BY OCTOBER 30, 2023 Write to the Court about why you do not like the Settlement.
GO TO A HEARING You may ask to appear and speak to the Court about the fairness of the Settlement
DO NOTHING Get no payment. Give up any rights you might have to sue the Defendant about the legal claims made in this case and resolved by the Settlement.